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Schoolthinks Classroom is the #1 way to manage your classes

Manage all aspects of your classes for 10,20 or 20.000 students. In one place. In the cloud. 


Support students in all new ways powered by artificial intelligence

Schoolthinks manages students in a secure, cloud-based environment. Schoolthinks keeps students in touch with their education and gives them the tools necessary for success.


Give teachers the tools they need to effectively manage their classes.

Schoolthinks provides teachers with comprehensive features and tools that they need to manage their classes, lessons, students, grading and much more. 


Monitor student success on an intuitive easy to use platform.

Schoolthinks provides parents the ability to track their students progress to see how they’re performing across the board.

All of this and much more

Schoolthinks for students

Stay on top of your schoolwork like never before with Schoolthinks.

Schoolthinks for teachers

Create your free classroom on Schoolthinks today and maximize your teaching potential.

Schoolthinks for developers

Build and connect apps on the Schoolthinks platform. 

Schoolthinks apps
Mobile Apps

Take Schoolthinks with you wherever you go with our iOS and Android app.

Create, schedule and grade assignments whenever 

Whether you’re out and about, or in the classroom, you can easily add content, assignments, exams and more to go live, or to a queue with our mobile app and desktop platform. Save time and get more done by working anywhere.

Create and administer exams

Create and administer exams on the world’s most secure platform ever designed.