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Schoolthinks combines all of the features you love on one easy to use, intuitive platform.

Lesson Plans

Create lesson plans that students can easily refer to when they’re in need of help.


Create, schedule and grade homework assignments from anywhere at any time. 


Communicate in real-time with your students on your terms within a secure environment.


Quickly take attendance, alert parents of absent students, and log every day and class.

+ Much More

Teacher management software in USA allows teachers to focus more on teaching properly. It also helps in sharing and analyzing all information about time. The software is time saving and all solutions can be found under one roof. The template is very nice and the features are highly helpful. Everything right from activities, attendance and the teaching patterns are tracked. Latest technology is used in this and so, it is extremely smooth and seamless. If your school too wants one, we can design a custom one.


Securely message students, parents, teachers, and classes through Schoolthinks in real time, on your terms. Set when you’re available, and when you’d prefer not to be disturbed. 


Easily grade assignments, exams, projects, classwork in Schoolthinks. Instantly provide students with critical feedback so they can improve. 

Class Content

Create and send documents to your classes through the Schoolthinks Cloud in real time without having to worry about distribution, or how students access it. 


Easily create and administer exams on Schoolthinks. Our testing platform has been engineered from the ground up to be the most secure and user-friendly, ever. 


Recieve SmartNotifications on all of your devices so you stay up to date with your Schoolthinks. 

Engineered for all of your devices

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