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Schoolthinks combines all of the features you love on one easy to use, intuitive platform.

Lesson Plans

Create lesson plans that students can easily refer to when they’re in need of help.


Manage, complete and submit homework from any device.


Communicate in real-time with your students on your terms within a secure environment.


Quickly take notes based on what class you’re in. Stored securely in the cloud for unlimited access.

+ Much More

At SchoolThinks, our learning management system is designed by students, for students. You’ll find that our student management software is easy to use and beneficial whether you’re a student, teacher, or parent (but especially if you’re a student!). Assignments are extremely easy to track and how well you perform and how much you participate can also be tracked.

Through our student management software, teachers can easily create assignments online; generic ones can also be created so that students of all age groups can use them. Because communication is paramount to academic success, our electronic learning system offers seamless and easy-to-use chat features between fellow students and teachers.


Securely message teachers, parents, other students, and classes through Schoolthinks in real time from any device. 


Create and access easy-to-use dashboards to see an overall snapshot of your student life. 


View what’s upcoming, what’s due and when all in one place. 

Lesson Plans

View exactly what was done each day in class so you never fall behind.

Cloud Notes

Takes notes for each of your classes from any device, stored securely in the cloud. 


Recieve SmartNotifications on all of your devices so you stay up to date with your Schoolthinks. 

Engineered for all of your devices

Look at Schoolthinks from a teacher’s perspective. See how Schoolthinks makes their day-to-day life easier, so they can focus on educating.


Look at Schoolthinks from a parent’s perspective. See how Schoolthinks keeps them in the loop with their child’s progress. 


Boost off with Artificial Intelligence. Learn more about how IQ works and the next steps we’re taking every day to make your life easier. 


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