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Supporting Your Growing Student As A Parent

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Parents have the toughest job in the world in which there exists no training manual: successfully raising children into smart, healthy, and capable adults. That’s a job that’s much easier said than done, and when your little one starts to grow into a not-so-little high school student, things only seem to get more complicated.

Ensure Academic Success With Our Learning Software For Parents

Yes, being a parent is an inherent challenge, but there are ways to monitor your child’s academic progress without hovering around their shoulders during every moment of the day. With the help of our learning management system, Schoolthinks Classroom, we provide a cloud-based platform that’s not just designed for students and teachers, but also for parents.

With the #1 learning monitor software for parents, Schoolthinks Classroom allows you to:

  • View daily lesson plans and see what was covered in class
  • Check pending and completed homework assignments by your student
  • Chat with teachers in real time
  • Track your child’s grades and overall academic progress with our Grade Point Tracker (GPT)

Ultimately, it’s up to you as a parent to guide your child as you see fit. However, we encourage parents to take advantage of our signature learning management system to help support their child’s academic endeavors.

Here are a few pieces of advice to help parents support their children’s learning experience.

Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences

There’s no better opportunity for some quality one-on-one interaction with your student’s teacher(s) than a parent-teacher conference. This is by far the best time to get to know their teacher, understand how your child has been performing thus far, and address or identify any concerns about their personality, learning style, or willingness to get along with other students.

Make Them A Healthy Breakfast In The Morning

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is a cliche that’s worth incorporating into your child’s day, because it’s true. With the physical nourishment necessary to support your kid’s focus and energy levels, they won’t be able to receive the mental nourishment that school aims to provide.

A quality breakfast to start the end will help ensure that your child is working at their optimal mental capacity, something that’s integral to overall academic success.

Be There To Listen To Them

This is a piece of advice that every parent should already be putting into practice regardless of how old their kid is. Public school isn’t always a walk in the park and it’s not uncommon for kids to come home and want to talk about their day.

Yes, teenagers are more likely to veil their emotions and are much more resistant to opening up than elementary school students, but making yourself available and showing that you care about their day can go a long way in forming a positive and happy parent-student relationship.

Make Your Life A Little Easier With Our Student Software For Parents

It’s possible to monitor your child’s progress in school without being a “helicopter” parent. The answer? Schoolthinks Classroom and our learning management system for parents. Sign up today!

Preparing For College With Our Learning Management System For Students

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At this point in your school career, college may very well be on your horizon. For many people, their college years are some of the most fun and exciting times in their lives. If you’re starting to look into the future and prepare for your transition from high school to college, you may have a plethora of emotions brewing — excitement, frustration, anxiety, hope, happiness, and so on. We applaud you for preparing ahead of time because, as you very well know, college is a big deal.

Tips To Set Yourself Up For Collegiate Success

While deciding on what you’d like to study and where you’d like to attend college seem like these major looming decisions that will affect the rest of your life, know that you’ll have some help along the way. With useful academic tools like Schoolthinks Classroom, our learning management system and software for students is designed to make note-taking, studying, and communicating between your teacher and fellow classmates easier than ever before.

Harnessing the power of the cloud, you’ll never have to worry about saving your work. It will always be there for you! Learn more about SchoolThinks Classroom for students today.

If the mounting pressure of college is starting to become overwhelming, take a deep breath and check out our advice on the matter below.

Your College Experience Won’t Define Your Entire Life

With so much pressure to attend a good college in the United States, it’s easy to think that this upcoming chapter of your life is going to make or break your success as a person. It’s not.

Yes, where you go and what you decide to study is important, and can very well pave logical and lucrative career paths for you. However, you’re still young, and you’ll still be young in college. Work experience is also very important in furthering your career, so don’t go in college preparation thinking that this is a life or death matter.

You Can Always Change Your Major

It’s true. All too often, upperclassmen in high school and college freshman lock into the thought that once they’ve selected their major, there’s no turning back. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Indeed, many college students end up switching their major at least once throughout their higher academic career. Some even change their major multiple times, and that’s perfectly fine. Like an internship, the point is for you to get your feet wet and to decide if you really like learning about chemistry, anthropology, journalism, or whatever it is that you’re studying. If you don’t like something, then that’s great! At least you know, and you can try something else.

You’re In Good Company

Worried about going off out of state and meeting new students? So are other future college students. Embrace new opportunities as they come, and know that there are tons of resources on college campuses for new students.

Fostering Academic Success With Our Learning Management System

Managing your schoolwork doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Get the details on Schoolthinks Classroom and our software for students today!

General Organization Tips for Teachers

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Between setting up your classroom, creating lesson plans, creating and grading homework assignments, lecturing, answering emails, and, of course, getting to know all of your students, it can be very difficult to keep track of your life as a teacher. That’s only scratching the surface of what teachers need to do on a daily basis, and if you’re reading this as a public school teacher, well, we’re preaching to the choir.

Schoolthinks for Teachers

At Schoolthinks Classroom, we truly believe that teachers are some of the single most important players in the welfare of our country. No other profession is more integral to learning and shaping the education of future generations, and that’s why we’ve created a cloud-based learning management system for teachers that allows you to take care of business anytime, anywhere.

Whether you need to create lesson plans, schedule homework assignments, take attendance, or communicate with your students, it’s all possible through our teacher app. Check out these brief organization tips for teachers from our online learning specialists.

Color-Code Your Folders and Physical Organizers

Whatever content you have that’s not done through Schoolthinks Classroom should be kept well-organized, and a great way to do that is by using certain colors for certain areas of study. Labeling is also a simple way to make sure that you can find exactly what you’re looking for and avoid mixing up pieces of curricula that don’t go together.

Make a List and Set Your Intentions For the Next School Day

Whether it’s Monday afternoon right after class or the start of the weekend, you should always be prepared for the next class. This includes any of your todos like grading assignments or creating them, as well as scheduling anything that needs to be put on a calendar, such as meetings with parents.

This way, you can go home and relax (assuming that you’re caught up on grading assignments!) knowing that you’re set up for success for the next school day.

Streamline Your ClassroomUse Clear Containers For Storage

Cluttered desks and countertops can promote anxiety in the classroom, though maybe we’re a little bit particular about our organization. Our teacher app handles storage for all of your digital assets, but we still recommend keeping all of your physical teaching items in check via a clear storage container.

Wondering what’s inside of it? You won’t be because it’s clear.

Set Aside a “File Later” Area

In the heat of teaching, there often isn’t enough time to file or organize things on the spot. While you’re busy lecturing or answering a student’s question, keep your paperwork organized by dedicating a spot for it that you’ll eventually return to once class is over with. Your students win because you’re still giving them your undivided attention, and you win because you’ll still keep track of everything.

Let Schoolthinks Classroom Be Your Virtual TA

Always available for you, our software for teachers is a never-quitting workhorse that’s here to help make your job a little easier. Learn more about our teaching tools today.

Poor Study Habits (And How Our Software For Students Can Help Break Them)

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Right off the bat, let us say that we understand your frustration. Here you are, staring at the same paragraph, reading the same two sentences for the ninth time in a row, failing to understand your subject material. As a student, it’s your job to study, and though you know what it is that you need to do, actually doing it is, in itself, easier said than done. How do you effectively facilitate comprehension?

Learning Management Software to Help You Study

The answer to that question depends on the unique learning styles of each individual, something that we’ve incorporated into our learning management system and software for students. Schoolthinks Classroom provides the ultimate learning resource for students, the ultimate teaching resource for teachers, and the ultimate accountability tool for parents to check up on their star pupil.

So, no matter what part of the school experience you’ve involved in, our cloud-based learning management system is here to help. Today’s blog post is also here to help students by identifying a few poor study habits that aren’t conducive to productivity and learning. Let’s jump in!

Failing to Move On and Return Back to Something

If you’re forcing yourself to understand something but it’s just not clicking in your brain, don’t continue glossing over the same section of content. Doing so will only waste your time and lead to studying burnout. Instead, try to move onto a fresh section of material after taking a short break. After you’ve absorbed a decent amount of new information, you may be able to use it to help you understand what you were previously stuck on.

Not Moving Around Enough

When you watch someone talk on the phone, or even pay attention to how you act while on the phone, you may notice that you’re physically walking around. That’s because walking and movement, in general, can help your brain think about whatever is at hand. If there’s a writing portion of your homework or study guide, moving around will definitely encourage the right words to come out of your brain and onto the paper.

Getting up from your chair and moving around works great in tandem with a mental break, and also helps your muscles from getting too cramped or sore.

Studying In a Distracting Environment

Attempting to digest your history study guide while having a sleepover with a buddy probably isn’t a good setup. Reading during dinner with your family probably also isn’t a great time to study. Make sure that you have an area where you won’t be bothered or distracted by anyone or anything.

Failing to Reach Out For Help

If you’re repeatedly struggling with a particular concept or subject, don’t wait until it magically clicks. Our online learning platform and software program for students can help you reach out to fellow students and your teacher for help!

Get Started With Schoolthinks Classroom Today

Learning isn’t always easy, but every student deserves the tools and resources conducive to academic success and a brighter future. Get the #1 platform for students and sign up for Schoolthinks Classroom for free!

Creating Educational Value

Creating Educational Value: A Teacher Appreciation Post

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Without teachers, we’re not sure where we’d be in life. In fact, without the help of our teachers growing up, we’re sure that we wouldn’t even be able to write this sentence.

From preschool all the way through high school graduation and even into college, teachers are like an educational parent. You see them nearly every day, they instill a certain level of discipline within you, they’re overseeing your growth and development, and though they’re not related to you, they still care about you as if you’re family. Truly, teachers are an integral component of society’s development and an essential force in shaping the foundation of tomorrow.

Doing Our Part By Creating Software For Teachers In New Jersey and Beyond

Here at Schoolthinks Classroom, we acknowledge the hard work and dedication to students’ learning that teachers put into their jobs day-in and day-out. Educating students is no easy matter and it’s one that’s severely underpaid and unappreciated. Fortunately, it’s also an incredibly fulfilling career for many people — seeing a student learn and grow up into a responsible, mature and successful adult is something to reflect on with a profound sense of pride.

Teaching Is Challenging. We’re Here to Help!

We know that planning lessons, creating homework assignments and study sheets, communicating with your students and providing the resources necessary for academic success is a tall order. In today’s digital age, there are more distractions, social media posts, and heaps of information to process than ever before. How do you keep track of everything without working 60-70 hour weeks?

The answer is simple: Schoolthinks Classroom. We develop and design powerful software for teachers, software for students, and even software for parents of students with the intention of streamlining learning. Gone are the days of losing your notebook or having your dog eat your homework assignment (sorry, students — we’re sure that generic excuse still strikes a soft spot in many teachers).

Regardless of your perspective, if learning is concerned, Schoolthinks Classroom can help.

Streamline Your Classroom

Manage Your Classroom More Efficiently

Save time on administrative tasks and other matters that don’t pertain to the day’s subject matter by logging onto one single platform. Forever intuitive and always easy-to-use, all of the tools that you need to direct your classes and organize learning materials are surely stored on the Schoolthinks cloud. So long as you have a computer and internet access, you’ll always have the teaching resources that you need:

  • Lesson Plans: create lesson plans that are always accessible to your students.
  • Homework: create, schedule/assign, and grade assignments from anywhere.
  • Chat: communicate in real-time with your students in a secure environment.
  • Attendance: log your student’s attendance for the day and notify parents of any absences.

The Ultimate Learning Management System for Teachers

Teachers deserve all of the tools they can get their hands on to help facilitate their student’s learning, and that’s exactly what Schoolthinks Classroom delivers. From our developers to teachers around the world, we’d like to thank you for shaping the future by educating young people. Learn more about our software for teachers by contacting us today!